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Why Consider Self-Managed Super Funds?

In every country all over the world, retirement schemes provide strong pillars for both security and stability needed by every individual in their old age. In Australia, the retirement programme is known as Superannuation and was made popular by the “superannuation guarantee” which was introduced by Keating Labor at the time of his reign of the Australian government.

Superannuation is a fund towards which the employee as well as the employer contributes a certain amount of money at specific time intervals. Although it is compulsory for the employers to make contributions towards this fund (not less than 9% of their employee’s income, with commission, bonus, etc included), it is a voluntary affair for the employees to do so. When this fund was initially introduced, it was set at the rate of 3% but with time it has registered a gradual increase. A whole lump sum is released to the employee when he attains a specific age.

A Self managed Super Fund on the other hand, is a superannuation fund that is upheld by a faction of people made up of 5 members who double up as the fund’s trustees. The Self managed Super Fund is regulated by the Australian Taxation Office which has made it mandatory for each member to be a trustee of the fund. By the time the fund gains corporate trustees, members of the fund will turn into directors of the very corporate trustee. This system of superannuation does not allow a member to be an employee of another member. If there ever arises any employer/employee relationship between two members or more, then the fund will no longer be regarded as a superannuation fund.

For the majority of the Australians, perhaps super could be among the largest investments, or even the biggest investment they might ever have. It is for this reason that a considerably big number of people put their super money in super funds which are managed professionally. However, there are some people who prefer hands-on control which comes along with the self-managed super fund. This control means there will be extra responsibility and extra workload.

Presently, this fund is extremely popular among individual factions of people and several corporate bodies. This is because Self managed Super Funds offer a broad scope and advantage concerning both your investment and pension funds.

Know About Self Managed Super Funds

Saving money for retirement life is the sole objective of setting-up a super. With this kind of fund, men and women are able to put aside part of their income for post-work years and make use of the tax benefits granted by the Australian government for Superannuation funds. These funds are in addition, invested for the exclusive target of increasing the fund for the members’ retirement years. Super Funds are therefore essential to one’s financial security. You can also obtain your life and permanent disability insurance through the Superannuation fund.

Self Managed Super Funds – The Key To A Good Investment

A sort of funding which you would be able to control; by yourself is the self managed super funds or commonly known as the self managed superannuation fund. It is better than independently managed superannuation fund because its geared towards your own goals.

In order for you to use it you must understand important areas surrounding it. The basic step that has to be done is to complete the trust deed necessities regarding the use of SMSF. The ‘Superannuation Industry Supervision Act’ is a set of guidelines established to arrange the objectives in an tidy manner. It contains a set of rules which a member has to follow. Each member of the fund must be a trustee; the member must even follow the 4 or less membership number to get recognized.


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